Denver Video Rates: Filming/Production, Editing, and Animation

Pre Production Hourly Rates

$50 an hour

We offer a free consultation and research, planning and preparation is work where we’re directly planning scripts and videos.

This can be a list of content that you’ll create yourself, an overall content strategy, or a script for the video we’re filming.

On-Site Video Production

1-4.5 Hours (Half-Day)

1 Camera Operator $300

4.5-10 Hours (Full-Day)

1 Camera Operator $500

1-4.5 Hours (Half-Day)

2 Camera Operators $550

4.5-10 Hours (Full-Day)

2 Camera Operators $900

These rates include just the filming. Planning and prep work are extra. The footage can be handed off or edited by our team.

If the shoot day is over 10 hours, we’ll charge $60 an hour (for one camera operator) and $100 an hour (for 2 camera operators).

Examples of projects where filming alone is required:

•Customer testimonials

•Email introduction videos

•Short “about me” or “about our company” videos

Please note: we generally don’t film live events such as weddings, conferences, and presentations.

Video Editing Hourly Rate

Part of Project

1-4 Hours


5+ Hours



1-4 Hours


5+ Hours









If you’re providing the footage, we can edit any format. Whether it was filmed with your phone, DSLR, or studio camera, we edit all types of projects.

We will add music, motion graphics, photos, etc to your project.


Revisions due to an error are free.

Most of the time the revisions are included in the price and it’s not something that needs to be negotiated. If the revisions go beyond the original project, the pricing is as follows:

Minor $75: Change to text, cutting out a clip, changing a transition

Medium $150: Changing out music, going through the original interview to find extra clips, looking for new footage

Major $300: A significant restructuring of the edit, music, and what’s included.

Animation Hourly Rates

Part of Project

1-4 Hours


5+ Hours



1-4 Hours


5+ Hours


We specialize in 2D and 2.5D animation (not 3D).

Our projects have varied in size and scope from a 3-minute long fully animated video, to a lower thirds graphic created in an hour.

We’ll work within brand guidelines and create content that’s a perfect fit with your company’s image. There have been projects where we’ve animated pre-built graphics as well as projects where we’ve designed everything from scratch.

Video Production Rates Card

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The most accurate way to get an exact quote for your project is to email me at             720-670-7353

To help get you a general idea of costs before you call, you may use the cost rate card below for reference.

How do I know what it will cost if it's hourly?

We’ve been creating videos for 8 years full time professionally and 20 years in total.

We work quickly and efficiently, and can accurately predict the number of hours required to complete a task.

The number we quote you won’t go up unless the project changes or you’d like additional changes.

Google My Business Setup

$ 299
  • Claim Listing
  • Fill Out Profiles
  • Basic Keyword Optimization


Video Strategy

With over half of Americans watching online videos every day, businesses that do not leverage video effectively are missing out on an enormous opportunity for growth and increased sales.  Social media and online video introduce additional opportunities, but now more than ever, an effective strategy is crucial.

Commercials for TV and Web

Advertising is still the fastest way to reach potential customers and clients. If you’re showing off a product, storefront, or service, we’ll get the right message in front of the right people.

Motion Design

Whether you need a short animation, logo design, or full-fledged 3-4 minute animation, no project is too large or small. We specialize primarily in 2D and 2.5D animation. Animation can be a great way to demo a product, make your logo more dynamic, or tell a compelling narrative.

Video Editing

Already have a video shot and just need some help doing the editing? We have you covered. We edit anything from short clips shot on the phone to full-scale video from high end productions.

Training or Safety Videos

A well trained work force performs better, and video is a key way to teach new skills and techniques. We’ve filmed machinery operation tutorials, emergency medical services training, as well as personalized marketing training for real estate agents. Workplace safety saves lives and should be a high priority for any business with risk of injury.

Real Estate Videos

We create property videos, introduction videos, and targeted campaigns for agents and developers. Video is an effective way to sell a property, find new clients, and connect with past and existing clients.