ABOUT: What makes us unique

Video production companies are often are focused on making pretty videos, good looking videos.

However, clients need videos that will get them results.

Where will your videos be most effective? On TV, Facebook, Facebook ads, Instagram, Instagram ads, your website homepage, on a landing page, on YouTube, YouTube ads?

With so many options, how do you know which one is best for your business?

Without an in depth look at your customer and your selling position we can’t craft the ideal message on the ideal platform.

That’s the only way we can get you RESULTS: new leads, customers, and clients.

By doing more research and considering all options in detail, we are able to provide more value and get clients a much higher return on their investment.

Part of our comprehensive approach is understanding people’s viewing patterns on every social network.

On Facebook, 1-minute videos perform better. On YouTube, 9- to 12-minute videos do better.

Every platform has a different audience with different expectations and behaviors.

A story of how we changed someone's business in a few weeks

A client came to me. She had a video that was actually well written and high quality. But it had drummed up 0 phone calls and no new business.

So, we developed an in-depth plan on how to get the video in front of more people.

She embedded it in her website. She attached it to her email signature. She found other social platforms to share it to, and we keyword optimized the video. And guess what?

She gained 2 huge clients within a few weeks.

The video never changed. However, our new marketing approach generated a better result.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I always need a script?

Not always. For TV commercials a script is generally required.

For introduction videos and short summaries of you and your company? A script can sometimes hurt.

When I got my start, I ALWAYS required a script. However, when working with people who aren’t actors, I began to realize for some people a script can make their video worse?

It’s key that the person speaking appears genuine, relaxed, and like they’re speaking from the heart.

For non actors, reading lines off a script can lead to feeling wooden and rehearsed.

There are 2 things that are crucial:

  1. We truly capture the company and person’s vibe, feel, and character
  2. We pinpoint the person’s unique selling position and capture what makes them unique.

This can be accomplished with a 60 minute planning session on the day of followed by an interview.

Do you help if I'm nervous in front of the camera?

People can be self-conscious in front of cameras. They are a bit intimidating.

However, I make the process so much easier. Over time, we work to simply have a genuine conversation and forget the camera exists. If you’d like to read more about my process of working with people on camera, this article on helping people relax during interviews goes more in depth.

I will also provide tips and advice about appearing on camera which my clients can implement in the future when they are recording themselves or appearing on camera.

Do you travel?

Anywhere! We’re happy to go to another state as long as travel and lodging is included in the budget.

For no extra cost, this is how far we’ll travel for each type of shoot without a $50 added travel cost:

1/2 day shoot: 

Denver/Metro Area: Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Golden, Littleton, Wheatridge, Arvada

Full-day shoot:

Boulder, Centennial, Westminster, Airport

Mulit-Day project:

We’re happy to go to another state as long as travel and lodging is included in the budget








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*Please note that film shoots can be scheduled outside of our normal hours. At least a week’s notice is preferred.

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