How to shoot videos on your phone (for free)

Do you want to shoot professional, incredible videos on your phone? Learn everything you need to know, including lighting, audio, appearing on camera, transferring to computer, editing for free, and uploading to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Implement the secrets and strategies you can start implementing today.

You’ll get the best results by watching the videos in order, but feel free to jump to a certain video if you’re trying to deal with a specific challenge.

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How to film pro videos on your phone

What’s covered in this video:

  • Tips on shooting
  • Ideas on what content to include
  • Advice for appearing on camera
  • Lighting tricks
  • How to record amazing audio

Shooting on your phone (advanced tips)

What’s covered in this video:

  • How to shoot hands free
  • Advanced lighting tips
  • How to upgrade your sound equipment for under $100
  • How to edit footage on your phone
  • Bonus tips

Transfer videos from phone to computer

What’s covered in this video:

  • Step by step instructions on transferring files from your phone to your computer
  • How to save your files in the right location and organize them properly

No program and no experience to edited video

What’s covered in this video:

  • How to download and install Davinci Resolve
  • How to set up your project and import your footage
  • How to easily edit your footage
  • How to color grade your footage
  • How to adjust your sound levels
  • How to export your finished file (that’s ready to be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram)

Upload YouTube videos with ideal settings

What’s covered in this video:

  • How to upload your file to YouTube
  • Centering your video around keywords to get better rankings
  • How to add a custom thumbnail
  • How to quickly add subtitles
  • How to add end cards and cards
  • Other useful subtitles

Make a thumbnail in Photoshop (>10 min)

What’s covered in this video:

  • Step by step instructions on creating a thumbnail for YouTube in Photoshop
  • How to cut out a person or object
  • How to create a gradient
  • How to add in your text and make it POP
  • Choosing the right image size and format for YouTube

Upload Facebook video with the correct settings

What’s covered in this video:

  • How to upload your video on Facebook
  • The best video sizes for Facebook
  • How to add subtitles to your video
  • Choosing a title and hashtag that will lead to more views
  • Choosing a thumbnail for your video
  • Tips and tricks for writing great text to go with your video
  • How to create a poll to generate higher engagement

Transfer from computer to phone (and best settings for Instagram)

What’s covered in these videos:

  • The fastest and easiest method to transfer videos to your phone
  • How to upload one or multiple videos to Instagram
  • Choosing the right text and hashtags to reach more people
  • Important advice for creating better performing Instagram posts

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