Online Advertising vs Traditional Advertising 2020: Digital Ads are King

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2020 Online (Digital) Advertising vs Traditional Advertising Statistics.

Digital ad spend has increased exponentially, both in the U.S. and worldwide. It passed TV in 2016 and is still increasing quickly.

Online/Digital Ad Spend vs All Traditional Advertising Worldwide

Worldwide, in 2020, Digital ad spend has now reached $341,810,000,000 ($341 billion) compared to $379,000,000,000 ($379 billion) for all traditional ads.

Traditional ads would include print, radio, and Television. In 2021, online ads are on pace to be equal to all traditional advertising combined.

Online/Digital Ad Spend vs All Traditional Advertising USA

In the USA, in 2020, Digital ad spend has now reached $151,290,000,000 ($151 billion) compared to $107,000,000,000 ($107 billion) for all traditional ads.

Traditional ads would include print, radio, and Television. Digital ads in the US surpassed traditional ads in 2019. It’s on pace to be more than 2/3 of all ad spend in the U.S. by 2023.

One thing is certain, collectively more money is spent on advertisements (online and traditional) than recorded history.

While traditional advertising is staying stagnant, digital ads have increased rapidly.

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What does this shift to online advertising mean for businesses and advertising agencies?

Traditional advertisements can still be a viable option for companies. Traditional advertising is less targeted, but it can be a great way to connect with large audiences. A Super Bowl ad will generate more eyeballs and overnight exposure than any type of digital ads.

The ability to test a variety of digital ads, track the result, and continue to monitor the exact results is a game changer for small and medium sized businesses. Testing how people respond to ads inexpensively and quickly is a powerful tool.

While it’s always smart to have a rock solid game plan before throwing money behind an ad campaign, A/B testing allows for you to fine tune the message and the results and keep track of the impact your ad spend is making.

Don’t discount TV and traditional advertisements entirely though…

Studies have discovered TV ads are more memorable than online ads. Other studies have found that TV tends to still perform best on key performance indicators like sales and new accounts.

The amount of time people spend watching TV continues to be high, and for many companies, it will continue to be the best way to get new clients. Traditional ads are not going anywhere. While we’re seeing many corporations use a mix of digital and traditional strategies.

As social media numbers change, this impacts digital ad strategy

In order to master online advertisements, it’s important to know how many people are on each network and which new social networks are growing the fastest. How do you think you’d find this info?

I have good news, I put together a helpful video that does just that. It features the exact number of users on every platform over the last 18 years. Watch the video below.

Conclusion: Both traditional and online ads are still great options to reach customers, but digital is growing the fastest and presents more opportunities.

Online ads are taking off. Traditional advertisements are still a tried and true, effective way to reach large groups of people, however, online ads give additional levels of targeting which is especially useful for small businesses with limited budgets.

I’ve shown you which social media users have the most users as well as social media trends.

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